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Firebrand reveals winner of Free Training for Life

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Our second Free Training for Life competition blazed across the world with over 15,000 entries from 24 countries. The prize: unlimited free access to our entire portfolio of training courses, for life.

And now the wait is finally over.

Who succeeded in claiming the ultimate prize of unlimited free training – who has become the ultimate cert-collector?

Meet the Winner

Firebrand is delighted to announce that Mr Mario Henkel is this year’s winner of Free Training For Life.


The newly crowned winner, Mario, is an IT administrator based in Frankfurt. This is how he felt when he first heard of his win:

“This is incredible, I can’t believe I won Free Training for Life! I am still processing the opportunities this prize can create for me in my future career. I’ve already decided to take the Certified Ethical Hacking course first. Working as an IT administrator responsible for systems security, the knowledge I will gain from this certification will be invaluable in protecting my companies assets. I cannot wait to get started.”

Unlimited training you say?

Starting today, Mario Henkel will receive access to a lifetime’s worth of free training courses and exams from Firebrand. He’ll be able to choose from 200+ IT, security and project management courses.

Mario has already decided to take EC-Councils Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course as his first choice of certification. He’ll learn to think like a hacker and apply this to fend off attacks on his organisations network and systems.

Plus, Mario’s prize means he won’t have to pay for any training fees, exam fees, course books, food and accommodation. Not to mention, Mario can also undertake his training in any of Firebrand’s training centres across Europe.

Mario now joins previous winner, Joseph Guthrie, as the two winners of Firebrand’s life-changing and career augmenting competition. Truly, this is one exclusive club. To hear Mario talking about his prize you can head to the FTFL page and watch his winners video.

We’d like to thank all of the 15,000 entrants to our second Free Training For Life competition.


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september 30, 2014 at 9:00 am

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Bursdagskampagne: Nå kan du spare store penger

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Firebrand Trainings bursdagsgave Fordi det er bursdagen vår, har vi gitt oss selv en STOR gave og utvidet kapasiteten ved kurssenteret vårt. Det betyr at vi nå har enda flere rom og undervisningslokaler. Derfor inviterer vi nå DEG til å komme og bo gratis hos oss! Du betaler altså bare for selve kurset.


Et fantastisk tilbud!

Vi inviterer deg til å komme og bo gratis hos oss under kurset ditt, men da må du bestille plass innen fredag 10. oktober 2014. Du får altså helt gratis overnatting pluss forpleining under hele kurset og sparer opptil 20 % av kursprisen.

Du trenger bare bestille plass mellom 22. september 2014 og 10. oktober 2014 kl. 17.00. Og husk at tilbudet gjelder alle kursene i kurskalenderen vår det neste halvåret, så du trenger altså ikke komme på besøk med det aller første.

Høres ikke det bra ut? Se alle kursene her og hele prislisten her, eller ring oss på telefonnummer 21 98 42 20 for å få oppgitt prisen din umiddelbart.

Du kan blant annet ta:

Ring 21 98 42 20 for mer informasjon

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september 22, 2014 at 6:59 am

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If you have an MCSE/MCSD or are planning to get one – this affects you

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Microsoft’s head of communications, Tim Sneath wants to make the MCSD and MCSE ‘harder for everyone.

Last year, the retirement of Microsoft’s Master level certs left the most determined of IT professionals without top tier Microsoft qualifications to strive for. The Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM) and Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) have all been discontinued without replacement.

But whilst there are no plans to release a new pinnacle certification, Microsoft does have something else in mind.


Currently, the most advanced Microsoft certifications on offer are the MCSE and MCSD. To reflect their top-tier status, Microsoft now plans on upping the difficulty of both MCSE and MCSD certifications.

Sneath describes the changes: ‘[Microsoft] will add a variety of richer test types that make it harder for people to memorise answers. We’re also adding richer questioning types. In testing for SQL certifications, we ask you to actually create an SQL query.’

The aim is to make certifications reflect more practical knowledge, not just theory.

Microsoft wants the route to an MCSE/MCSD to be more rigorous, but without excluding the majority. Instead of just a small elite group of cert holders, Microsoft now wants to embrace a broader community. These tougher certs will be promoted as something new and unique.

Sneath received his MCSE 20 years ago – ‘I thought I was pretty special. We want to bring that back.

And the changes to MCSD and MCSE certs don’t just apply for new candidates. As MCSE holders are required to recertify every three years, and MCSD holders every two years; these changes definitely have the potential to catch some professionals out. Microsoft haven’t yet announced a time-frame for these new updates, so if you’re recertification is looming, or you’re planning on achieving one of Microsoft’s new pinnacle certs – now’s the time to so. You can find our full range of MCSE and MCSD certs here.

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september 15, 2014 at 10:51 am

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