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Årets Microsoft Learning Partner – Vi gjorde det igjen, igjen

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Vi er veldig stolte over igjen i år å bli utnevnt til Årets Microsoft Learning Partner.

I år er det 3. gang på rad, vi vinner den prestisjetunge prisen og det er første gang noensinne, at en Learning Partner har vunnet prisen 3 år på rad.

Mange takk til våre samarbeidspartnere og kunder for den store tilliten dere viser oss.


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oktober 31, 2012 at 8:17 am

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Early Experts’ Challenge on Windows Server 2012

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Want to quickly learn about the latest version of Windows Server? Then take the Windows Server 2012 ‘Early Experts’ Challenge.

The ‘Early Experts’ Challenge is a free online study group with exam preparation materials. The Challenge is based around Knowledge Quests which begin with the apprentice quest. After each quest is competed, you gain a certificate to boast your new found knowledge.

The video below by Keith Mayer from Microsoft gives you an in depth report on the challenge

The challenge targets each of the exams needed in order to gain an MCSA on Windows Server 2012. The three exams are as follows:

  • MOC 410: Installation and configuring exam
  • MOC 411:Administering windows server 2012
  • MOC 412: advanced configuring

Once the Quests have been completed, you will be prepared for Exam 70-410 – Windows Server 2012 Installing and Configuring.

Early Experts – Apprentice Quest

This is the first quest, were you will learn and discover the latest and most important technical functions of Windows Server 2012.  The main areas covered are Virtualization, Management, Networking and Storage.

How to complete the Installer Quest
There are seven modules in the Installer Quest, all covered through videos and whitepapers. As there are so many new features, it is only meant to be an introduction to Windows Server 2012. The platform this is done through is in the MVA website. The MVA stands for Microsoft Virtual Academy, and is where you can train online for free and gain points. So here’s how to begin your quest’s…

Step 1: Sign in
You will first have to be signed up for the MVA web-site (click here to sign up). If you already have an account, just sign in.

Step 2: Download Windows Server 2012
The best way to learn is to do it yourself and build your own lab environment. Microsoft offers the Windows Server 2012 installation bits here for FREE.

Step 3: Build your Server 2012 study lab
Keith Mayer made another video giving a step by step guide of how to build your own study lab as a dual-boot environment.
For more information, click here:

Step 4: Join the Study Group
Now join the Windows Server 2012 «Early Experts» Study Group on Linkdin and participate in the community. You can join here:

Step 5: Gain your ‘Early Experts’ Apprentice Certificate
Once you have completed all the above steps, you will be eligible to gain an Apprentice certificate for the ‘Early Experts’ challenge. All you have to do is email them to request it. You can email them here:

Now what?
The quests don’t end there. More Quests are soon to be released to give you further knowledge and help you towards your Windows Server 2012 MCSA.Installer Quest: Targeting the Install, Configure and Active Directory exam objectives on Exams 70-410 and 70-417.
Explorer Quest: Coming Week of October 15th 2012
Networker Quest: Coming In November 2012
Virtualizer Quest: Coming in November 2012

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oktober 18, 2012 at 11:03 am

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Microsoft renames Metro apps to Windows Store apps

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Microsoft has had to completely rename its ‘Metro’ apps when they came across a small problem last month.
Windows Store Logo
It turns out that the Metro name was already owned by a store in Germany which has been using it for over a year to ironically sell Windows 8.

They were left without an identity after realising that Microsoft were naming their new app design ‘Metro’. Because of this, the ‘Metro’ brand was completely abandoned, leaving thousands confused.

But they finally decided on a name. Metro will now be officially known as Windows Store.

This also affects the MCSD:  Metro Style Apps certification which has also been renamed to MCSD: Windows Store Apps.

In the video below, Antoine Leblond from Microsoft reveals additional information on the developer opportunity coming on Windows 8 with the Windows Store.

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oktober 2, 2012 at 1:07 pm

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